How to lose weight with green smoothies?

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Weight Loss Green Smoothies – Tips and Recipes

Green Smoothie is an ideal diet for healthy fat burning because they are rich in nutrients, loaded with fiber and low in fat. However, there is an art of making weight loss green smoothies. Here, you will find tips that  will help you create the perfect green smoothies for real weight loss.  We will also share green smoothie recipes on popular sites like Just Green Smoothies that are ideal for losing weight.

Can you lose weight with smoothies? May be you are skeptical about it! But the fact is, there are certain smoothies that are far more effective than others in this quest for weight loss. And, this is precisely what we are discussing here:

Green Smoothies for Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered if you are eating enough fresh vegetables and fruits daily? You would be surprised to learn that most of us do not even consume half of what we should eat in fresh fruits and vegetables. And despite your efforts to maintain a healthy diet, it is possible that you are struggling to achieve these goals, due to your lack of time. Green Smoothies are a great way to solve this problem. Continue reading “How to lose weight with green smoothies?”

Top 7 Muscle Building Foods

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What to Eat to Build Muscle Fast

Do you wish to build more muscle? Then, you must know that it is not just lifting weights that will develop your muscle. It also depends on what you eat. Diet regime as well as weight lifting is needed to build up those fabulous muscles. Here we’ll discuss the top muscle building foods.

Creating muscle is not only about lifting weights. Your body nutrition is also really essential. If you want to increase muscle, you should consume more protein; the presence of amino acids in the protein develops strong muscles. Continue reading “Top 7 Muscle Building Foods”

How to keep your bones strong and healthy?

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Tips to keep your bones healthy and strong

Many men and women suffer from bone related problems such as arthritis as they age. Several treatments are available for various joint problems, specifically for arthritis and osteoporosis. On the other hand, normal exercise, proper nutrition, and regular checkups could help prevent pain and damage to bones.  Remember, it is never too late to change your habits. So, start eating foods that can help you to keep your bones healthy and strong as you age.

Here are some tips for keeping your bones strong, that you may find useful.

Tips to improve bone health

Using Omega-3 fatty acids:

A balanced diet complements the building of the right kind of nutrients in the system. Continue reading “How to keep your bones strong and healthy?”

Top 6 Health Problems in Men

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Top Men’s Health Issues

According to global statistics, there are more men born than women. From childhood to old age, women are generally found to have a better health condition than men. Health problems in men become more apparent as men get older. Among the top 15 causes of death, men tend to develop these diseases except the the leading Alzheimer’s. Men usually do not suffer from Alzheimer’s, because they do not live long enough. On average, they die 5 years earlier than women.

Although the main reasons are the biological, poor health in men is caused mainly by their behavior:

  • Men in general, do not have interest in preventive medicine
  • Most men usually seek medical help in advanced stages of the disease
  • Number of medical visits by males is much lower than that done by females
  • Most men give last priority to health plan

The top 6 health problems in men are as follows

Continue reading “Top 6 Health Problems in Men”

Prostate Disorders – Causes and Home Remedies

Causes of Prostate Disorders and Home Remedies

Prostrate disorders become common in men as they get older.  They are among the top health issues in men. This article discusses the causes of prostrate disorders and their treatment.

Prostate gland is a major part the male reproductive system. It is a walnut-sized gland present just below the urinary bladder. The urethra passes halfway through this gland. Muscles that surround the prostate gland compress it, thus stimulate the secretion of a fluid which nourishes male sperms and transport them during sexual intercourse. Thus, prostrate gland is a very special gland for men and you should do your best to keep it healthy.

The most common prostate problems are

  • Benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) or enlargement of the prostate gland.
  • Prostatitis or inflammation of prostate gland.
  • Prostate cancer

So what are the causes of prostrate disorders? Continue reading “Prostate Disorders – Causes and Home Remedies”

Why You Should Get Rid of Your Belly Fat

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How to get rid of body fat quickly

It is well known that obesity is a health risk. Latest research about obesity shows that fat around the abdomen is more harmful than general obesity. The research shows that fat around and above the abdomen is even more harmful than fat around the hips. It therefore makes sense to get rid of belly fat first.

Abdominal obesity is the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region. There is a distinction between a general obesity and abdominal obesity. There is an unusually large accumulation of fat around the belly in abdominal obesity.

In many obese people, fat is relatively evenly distributed throughout the body.  On the other hand,  in fat persons, fat is concentrated in the abdomen surrounding the intestines. A person can be thin, in some cases, classified as underweight, as per his BMI.  But he may still be suffering from abdominal obesity, if he has an unusual fat concentrated around his belly. So, if you are obese or overweight, wake up! You should lose weight fast – especially around your belly! Continue reading “Why You Should Get Rid of Your Belly Fat”

Belly Fat Increases Death Risk

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Belly fat doubles death risk

Did you know that your waist circumference affects your life span? Abdominal obesity can shorten life by several years. This also applies to persons who otherwise have normal weight, according to a new study about abdominal obesity that revealed how the waist circumference affects life expectancy.  Belly fat is linked to premature death. As a matter of fact, belly fat doubles death risk.

Belly fat Death Risk

A round belly seems to be more dangerous to your health than it was previously thought. By reducing your waistlines only moderately, you can increase the likelihood of a long life. Continue reading “Belly Fat Increases Death Risk”

Is Potato Skin the Most Nutritious Part of Potatoes?

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Why You Should Never Throw Away Potato Peels

Do you know that if you’re peeling your potatoes, you’re throwing away the most nutritious part of the potato in the dust bin? Yes, as per research article by Livestrong potato peels are highly nutritious and contain more nutrients than the rest of the potato. Potato skin has vitamin B and C, calcium, iron, potassium and other essential nutrients. And, potato peels are also a good source of fiber.

Potato skin nutrition value

A baked potato with skin of medium size roughly contains 4 gm of fiber, 2 mg of iron and 925 gm of potassium. However, you should wash the potato well and remove any dirt before baking it.

Well, this is not only true for potatoes but also for most fruits and vegetables. May be you actually throw away the very healthiest parts of fruits and vegetables in dustbin! Here, we will show you some tricks that will help you get the full nutritional value of the food you buy. And, you can avoid unnecessary food waste too. Continue reading “Is Potato Skin the Most Nutritious Part of Potatoes?”

Bad Foods That are Good for Weight Loss

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Bad foods that are good for losing weight

Are you looking for delicious foods for weight loss? There are many foods that taste good and look delicious. They become even more tempting for anyone who wants to lose weight. In spite of this fact, many of these foods have a bad reputation when it comes to weight loss, but in reality they are not so bad. Here, you can find out which of these delicious snacks can actually help you in losing weight.

1. Potatoes

Potatoes contain a fiber apart from starch – and this fiber burns fat. Thoug potatoes are consumed in huge quantities all over the world, they are very poorly understood. Of course, potato fries will not help you lose weight. Instead, potatoes can be a good food for weight loss if you go for boiled or baked potato and eat in moderation.

2. Coffee

The coffee falls into bad food only when it is consumed in large quantities and mixed with cream, sugar or corn syrup. Simple coffee without added fat and calories, helps boost metabolism. You can add a little skim milk for coffee and sweeten it with an artificial sweetener. Thus black coffee can be a good food for weight loss. Continue reading “Bad Foods That are Good for Weight Loss”

Why do Women Cheat on their Husbands?

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Reasons why Women cheat in marriage

Only 31 percent of marriages survive an affair. In today’s society, female infidelity seems to be growing. According to Peggy Vaughan in her book, The Monogamy Myth, at least one partner in more than 80 percent of marriages are likely to have an extramarital affair. And, more research has shown that nearly half of cheating partners are women. According to statistics, one-third of men and a quarter of women in the United states are looking for at least one adventure outside the formal relationship they have. So, what are the reasons why women cheat in marriage?

Although it seems to be more common for men to cheat on their significant others, many women also depart. In fact, when it comes to cheating, women tend to rack up more lovers than men, according to self-confessed adulterers. Research into the behavior of 4,000 cheats has shown that on an average, women are more promiscuous. And, on an average they have 2.3 secret lovers compared to a just about 1.8 mistresses for men. Continue reading “Why do Women Cheat on their Husbands?”